Motor Vehicle Registration


Process to Apply for a Personalized Plate

  • Go to and select the plate style you would like to personalize
  • Check to see if you personalization is available
  • If available, you will submit an online pre-application to the Division of Motor Vehicle Licensing (MVL)
  • A committee within MVL will approve or deny your request
  • If approved you must bring your pre-approval form and application to the County Clerk to process your application at that time you will pay the $25 fee
  • Then you plate is created with 4-8 weeks and when it arrives at the County Clerk’s office you will come back in to put your personalized plate on your vehicle. Be sure to bring in your current plate to exchange for your personalized plate.

What do I need to bring to the County Clerk’s office renew my registration?

  • Kentucky Certificate of Registration (Full Size White Sheet Certificate of Registration)
  • Current Original Insurance Card Copies of Cards are Not Accepted Effective Date must be within 45 days of your renewal visit
  • Check, Cash, or Card** for Payment If you use a debit/credit card there is a processing fee of 2.75% of the total with a minimum charge of $2.75

Where do I obtain a vehicle inspection in Knott County?

  • The Knott County Sheriff’s Office currently preforms vehicle inspections.
  • Sheriff Inspections are required for any motorized road vehicle transferring in from out of state and for rebuilt vehicles.